Jay Breish Executive Director

Jay Breish


Jay grew up in Pennsylvania and shares that through his own struggles as a teen, he developed a great compassion to reach out to teens and their families.

"My middle school years were very hard for me. The stress literally caused me to burn a hole in my stomach. I needed a better solution than to simply "Try Harder". While I was a confessing Christian I didn't really have a relationship with the Lord. In that moment of crisis (and extreme brokenness) my mom pointed me to Jesus which started me on this amazing journey of fellowship with Him. I've come a long way since then, but here's what I've learned: the closer I get to Jesus, the better I know myself and the more freedom I experience. It is my hope that these same freedoms will be experienced by the students and their families at The Fold."

Upon graduation from Philadelphia Biblical University with his Bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry and Bible, he worked as a youth pastor and later as a volunteer youth leader. Professionally, Jay worked as a computer programmer. During this time in a corporate atmosphere, Jay shares that he learned many skills that he employs every day in his work at The Fold.

In March 2009, Jay was offered the role of Program Director at The Fold, overseeing the Girls' and Boys' Homes, School, and Counseling Program. After a few years in this position, he was approached about the Executive Director role as Dr. Fred Tomaselli had plans to step into a part-time role. Jay accepted the offer and is quick to give God the glory for paving the way. Rod Ames, Chair of The Fold's Board shares, "The Board of Directors and I wholeheartedly endorse Jay for this position. Jay's passion for serving youth and families, his gift of leadership and his genuine care for the enrichment of The Fold staff make him a perfect fit."

In 2017 Jay completed his Master's degree in Family Life Education from Oxford Graduate School. "It was a long and challenging road to complete my masters while overseeing the ministry and responding to my own family's needs. Not only did my own family grow from 3 to 5 but we've had many severe medical challenges along the way. While not easy, nor fun, they have given me a greater perspective on how to serve families who are at the lowest point in their lives and reinforced once again that "The truth will set you free." John 8:32 I believe Jesus not only has the answers but is the answer. It may sound trite, but I have experienced what relationship can do." Jay said that it is his hope to cultivate an atmosphere of love and grace at The Fold and hopes that families seeking help will visit and experience that culture themselves.

Jay enjoys spending time with his family, adventuring in the outdoors, playing guitar, photography, and reading. Jay and his wife Hannah live in Lyndonville with their three daughters.